WinPLC Documentation

WinPLC User-Defined CommandPlugin

A commandplugin is a special WinPLC instruction you can program by yourself in Visual Basic. To do this, you need to create an ActiveX DLL file and store it under the plugins folder of WinPLC. Download a sample plugin (speech-output command to make WinPLC say the contents of your textvar variable) with source code in Visual Basic 5.0. Currently no official documentation on creating user-defined plugins is available. If you are interested, you can ask questions by E-mail.

WinPLC helpfile

You can download the WinPLC helpfile (.HLP file). It has an explanation of all the functions in WinPLC. This file is only available in English.

Communicate with WinPLC

WinPLC is programmed as an activeX executable, meaning other Windows applications can communicate with WinPLC in a very easy way. This document describes how you can connect to WinPLC from other applications. The document is in the Adobe-PDF format.

Communicate with WinPLC: samples

This downloadable ZIP file has samples on how to connect to WinPLC from other programming languages, like Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (in Word, Excel), JavaScript, ASP, *.VBS files and Java.

Using the WinPLC speech server

The WinPLC speech server is an external program where WinPLC can connect to using the CONNECT ? command. The server can receive incoming text from WinPLC, and will start speaking this text. The document has an example where your computer will say the current temperature if you press a button, connected to I/O channel 01.

Using the WinPLC speech recognition

The WinPLC speech recognition module is an external program that is able to keep a list with words that must be recognized. If a word is recognized, the corresponding subroutine in your WinPLC program will be called. The document has a sample where you can control a light by saying "ON", "OFF", "MORE" or "LESS" through the microphone.