WinPLC news

23 February 2009

I released a bugfix for WinPLC8. The new version of WinPLC is now version 8.1.0. You should only upgrade to the new version if you are using the build-in Telnet server as the only modifications were made in this module.

1 July 2008

I am pleased to announce a new version of Power WinPLC! This version will be called WinPLC 8 and should be available very soon. The version got some very interesting new features. Read More!

31 May 2008

It turns out there was a bug in the new contact form. Because of this, I was unable to answer any questions. If you have asked a question which was unanswered in the last few months, please ask the question again by filling in the contact form. I have also repaired the database functionality for this website. This means the update-checker and the bug reporter will function again from WinPLC.

07 October 2007

The WinPLC website has been down for a few weeks, but is now completely accessible again. The reason for the downtime was a hacker. I had to remove the website completely, and review all source files for modifications by this hacker.

05 October 2006

I have given the WinPLC website a new look. It also turned out some functions didn't work since I changed from webhosting company. Now everything should be fixed.

22 July 2006

WinPLC 7.0.2 has been released. It contains a few bugfixes in the activeX component.

21 January 2006

Today WinPLC 7.0 was released. This version contains some minor bug-fixes, some improvements and some new features (read joystick x/y data). Exsamples on the new features will be added to the sample-sections of this website.
The WinPLC registration has been discontinued.

08 January 2006

In the Docs section you can find new information about writing User-Defined PluginCommands. They are special WinPLC instructions you can program by yourself. These plugins only work starting from WinPLC 6.8.

13 June 2005

I have added WinPLC 6.7 to the website. This version of WinPLC contains a function that can check if the DriverLinx PortIO driver is loaded.

4 June 2005

The site is updated to PHP completely. I removed the WinPLC forum, because I accidently lost the database that kept the forum messages. I'm thinking about making a new version of WinPLC: WinPLC 7.0.

26 September 2004

WinPLC 6.6.1 was put online. You now can use variables in the WAIT ? command.

21 September 2004

WinPLC 6.6 became available. This version just contains an reviewed and updated help file, were all commands are supported.

22 March 2004

WinPLC 6.4 became available. It contains important new functionality, like the introduction of an ARRAY. You can store 1024 different values into this array. Some other bugs were also removed from the program.

04 March 2004

There is a new WinPLC version available: version 6.1. The hyperlinks in the help-menu are modified to the new locations in the website. This WinPLC version also allows the calling of certain functions from other (self-written) applications. No further modifications for WinPLC are scheduled.

29 November 2003

I have upgraded the WinPLC website to a new outlook. The site is now conform to the XHTML strict specifications, and uses CSS for layout and structure. This is to practice the classes 'Web design' I get at school. The WinPLC registration service has been stopped.

15 May 2003

WinPLC 6 is finally released! This version has many new features, and is extremely powerful. Goto the download section to download the setup for this software.

04 May 2003

Some modifications were made on the WinPLC site. I've implemented a registration form for the WinPLC users. This registration allows me to keep some statistics on the WinPLC users. Later, only registered users will get technical assistance and have the right to ask for new WinPLC features. The FAQ page has been updated, and all direct links to my E-mail address will be removed. This is to prevent or reduce spam on my mailboxes. Please use to contact form for comments/information. PW+ Pro 2002 is renamed to "Power WinPLC". This is done because almost everyone called the program just "WinPLC".

29 November 2002

This message is just to say I'm still alive. WinPLC hasn't been updated for a while, but there were no requests for new commands (or bug reports).

18 August 2002

Today, a new version of WinPLC has been released: version 4.3.0. I've released it very fast, because it contains a lot of commands which were requested by users. This version supports up to 4 K8000 cards, printing features and a lot of new IF instructions.

11 August 2002

I didn't receive any bug reports for WinPLC 4.2.0 yet. For this reason, I will remove the "can still contain bugs" indication on the download page. In the mean time, a new version of WinPLC is on its way. Please be patient...

01 April 2002

Together with a new month, I will introduce a new outlook for my site. (I hope you like blue, it's my favorite color). The software section has been removed from the WinPLC site, because it wasn't very WinPLC - related. I will put this section on my own homepage. I've also put WinPLC version 4.2.0 online, it contains some new features.

21 January 2002

The site now has a FAQ section, with frequently asked questions about the program/k8000. Before requesting assistance, you might want to check here for help!

04 January 2002

Today, WinPLC 4.0.1 was released because 2 bugs were found in WinPLC. One of the bugs was very important so I've also put a new setup online. If you didn't install WinPLC yet, you can just download this setup. If you already installed WinPLC, you can download just the PW+ Pro 2002 executable and replace it with your existing one. One of the bugs was found in the Digital Light computer, where converting light effects to WinPLC was impossible. A second bug was found for the recent file list: removed files caused an empty line in this list. These problems are now solved.