WinPLC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: are you still working on the WinPLC program? (Date: 2020)

A: No the program is no longer under development. The software and card are no longer compatible with the current Windows releases.

Q: is WinPLC working on modern computers (Vista, Windows 7)

A: As you know the K8000 requires a parallel port in order to work. Many modern computers no longer have this type of port, so you cannot connect the K8000 to them (Except if you use an adapter). WinPLC also is working with a third-party 32-bit driver for which there is no 64-bit equivalent. This means you cannot use WinPLC on a 64 bit system.

Q: how many people are using WinPLC?

A: I don't have a clear view on the number of people who are using Power WinPLC. In the last 2.5 years WinPLC was downloaded 1000 times from this website. In the same period this site had over 6000 unique visitors. This generated a traffic of almost 6 gigabytes.

Q: What are the system requirements to run WinPLC?

A: Power WinPLC requires a Windows platform to run on (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP), and the Velleman K8000 card. The program was created on a Pentium III 500 MHz Windows 2000/XP computer with 256 Megs of RAM. Everything works fine here, but I a Pentium 133 MHz would do fine too. Currently, WinPLC is being developed on a P4 2GHz with 256 MB of RAM. If you encounter problems with WinPLC, try to reduce your visual effects in Microsoft Windows.

Q: Velleman made it possible to connect 4 K8000's to each other, in a master/slave configuration. Is it possible to make WinPLC control more than 1 card?

A: Yes WinPLC allows you to control up to 4 cards. The "SELECTCARD" command was implemented to allow more than one card. This command allows selecting one of the 4 K8000 card. All WinPLC commands apply on the selected card.

Q: Does WinPLC support the stepper motor card from Velleman?

A: WinPLC has limited support for the stepper motor card. The commands are still experimental but fully functional.

Q: Can WinPLC create its own executable files?

A: No, WinPLC was never meant to be a compiler. So the software must always be active if you want to use K8000 programs. I will never implement a compiler function.

Q: Will WinPLC remain freeware?

A: Yes, it will. I've signed an agreement with Velleman on this. They may place the software on their site and distribute it with their kits, for free.

Q: Is the WinPLC source code available?

A: No, the source is not available and will never be. I don't want other people to take the credits for this software. Second, some parts of the source code are ten years old. This older parts are less efficient and very hard to figure out. If I released the source, it would take too much work to optimize the code and add comments to it.

Q: With what tools was WinPLC created?

A: WinPLC is written in Visual Basic 5.0 Professional. I used the Visual Basic 6.0 for a while, but it turned out some users had problems with the WinPLC setup application that was made by Visual Basic 6.0. The project counts 26 different forms (windows) and has over 12.000 lines of source code.