About the author

Hello, my name is Vanderhaegen Bart. I'm a 37 year old gradate electronics (option telecommunications), from Belgium. I work for a German Company in Brussels.

One of my hobbies is electronics, even before started courses in secondary school (Belgium), At home, I have built many Velleman kits, but most things I build now are my own designs. My favorites applications are the ones with digital techniques, like microcontrollers (8051, PIC).

I've build the K8000 in 1997, and I started to work out applications for it under Qbasic and Turbo Pascal. Later , I started creating applications under Visual Basic. Soon, the WinPLC project was born...

You can contact me at bart.vanderhaegen@bvsystems.be. Please don't hesistate to ask me questions about the K8000 or WinPLC in general.