WinPLC Program Downloads

Welcome to the WinPLC download page. Here you can download Power WinPLC. You need to download and install the driver.exe (driver for I/O communications with the K8000 board). This driver needs to be installed only once as it is never updated.

Then you need to download Power WinPLC. You can choose between WinPLC 8.1.0 (released on 23 Feb 2009) and WinPLC 7.0.1 (released on 27 Jan 2006). WinPLC 7.0.1 is known to be a very stable version so you can install that one if you have any problems with WinPLC8.

File Size
driverLINX portIO driver (required) 1.60 MB
Power WinPLC 8.1.0 application (required) 3.30 MB
Power WinPLC 7.0.2 application 2.50 MB
WinPLC speech server 1.0 (optional) 2.28 MB
WinPLC speech server 2.0 (optional) 2.30 MB
WinPLC speech recognition module (optional) 2.01 MB

DriverLinx PortIO Driver (required)

DriverLinx PortIO Driver is a software driver that allows WinPLC to communicate with the K8000 card. Its not required to install this driver on Windows 95, 98 or ME systems. But you NEED this driver if you are using Windows NT, XP, 2000.

Copyright notice: DriverLinx is copyrighted by Scientific Software Tools. Is is allowed to distribute this product as long as the package is distributed in its entirety.

(C) Copyright 1996-1999, Scientific Software Tools, Inc.

WinPLC 8.1.0 setup application (required)

The complete setup application for WinPLC, which will install the latest version of WinPLC.

WinPLC Speech Server

The WinPLC Speech Server is an extra program that acts as an server, where WinPLC can connect to using the CONNECT ? command. All text that is sent to this server, will be spoken through your computer speakers in the language of your choice. More information on the WinPLC Speech server can be found in the docs section of this website. You also need to do an extra download, and install an engine for the language you want to use! (You can install multiple languages)

WinPLC Speech Recognition Module

The WinPLC speech recognition module is an extra program, able to keep a list with words that must be recognized (by speech, through a microphone). If a word is recognized, the corresponding subroutine in your WinPLC program will be called. More information on the speech recognition module can be found in the docs section of this website. You also need to do some extra downloads: